Preserving the Catholic Burial Traditions of Our Families

Dramatic changes are taking place today in the way we buy goods and services. Locally owned banks, grocery stores and drugstores are giving way to regional or national chains. The funeral industry is no exception. Large, publicly-held corporations and regional consolidators are beginning to dominate the industry, driving up the prices and changing how funerals are delivered. One of the negative results for Catholic families has been a decrease in the observance of our Church’s traditional liturgical rites for the dead, in particular the Mass of Christian Burial at the parish.

The Catholic Funeral Plan® has been developed to safeguard the Church’s sacred burial traditions against the forces of change and to guarantee Catholic families the right to be buried in accordance with these traditions at an affordable cost.

The Process of Personalizing a Funeral Service

Call to set up an appointment and meet with a Family Service Advisor

The Family Service Staff have been well trained in helping the families of the Archdiocese plan for end of life preparations. This dedicated staff will guide you through the steps necessary to aide you in making your wishes a reality. Through the Catholic Family Services Association (CFSA) they will ensure that your wishes are carried out as you have planned.

Discuss what your funeral will look like

The FSA will ask you a series of questions to help you structure your funeral

  • Which Funeral Home would you like to use?
  • Which church will you have a Mass of Christian Burial?
  • Which Hymns would you like sung?
  • What type of flowers would you want?
  • Will there be a repast?
  • Where will it be located?

Help develop the average costs associated with what you have planned

Our FSA team has access to the latest figures of all funeral directors and products and services. Additionally the discussion will give you a better idea of options available to you. Once a rough estimate has been developed the FSA will show you the benefits of the Catholic Funeral Plan® as well as having the Catholic Family Services Association (CFSA) in your corner.

Each Family Service Advisor signs the Catholic Funeral Plan® Code of Ethics and understands that their position is to educate, help and guide families to make the decisions best suited to their Catholic faith and personal financial position.

The Catholic Family Services Association

The CFSA was developed to administer the Catholic Funeral Plan® (CFP). When a member of the CFP passes just one call is made to the CFSA and we handle all of the initial arrangements. We will contact the priest, the Funeral Home and share all of the decisions made as well as ensure they are carried out to your wishes. What a great blessing for your family to know that your funeral will administered as you desired with the Catholic Liturgical Provisions.

Meet Our Family Service Advisors

Our family service advisors are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to help guide you through the process.